Yum, yum, yummy yum yum!

Do you like to leave notes to your kiddo in their lunchbox?  

Do you find yourself scrambling for a piece of paper and wind up scribbling said note on a stickie note or on some rumpled piece of paper?

Do yourself a favor and grab these super cute, retro inspired lunch box note cards!

Easy peasy! No more scrambling and scribbling!


These 4bar, flat notecards are the perfect size to fit in a lunchbox, bright and fun for your younger kiddos, and simple and cool enough that your older kiddos won't roll their eyes or die of embarassment.


Get set for the entire school year with this set of 50 single sided notecards. 


Retro Yum Lunchbox Notes (set of 50)

  • Size: 4Bar (3.5"x4.875") Flat Card

    Thick 120# White Cardstock

    Horizontal Orientation

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