Why is the end of the school year so busy? Must all school field trips, parties, sports awards dinners and birthday parties take place within a three week period? Whatever the reason, the weeks fly by from April to June, and, before we know it, the kids are out of school!


Given all the distractions, you may not be as prepared to capture last day of school memories as you were at the start of the school year, so we’ve got you covered with these cute, customizable Last Day Of School printables!




These free, customizable printables are super easy to use!

When ordering do the following:


1. Indicate child's grade

2. Indicate child's school

3. Check "At Studio Pickup" at checkout (don't worry, this is just lets us know its an order for a printable!)

4. Complete your order.


That's it! Once we have all your info, we'll customize your printable and send you a PDF that you can send directly to your printer and used right away!


Happy Summer, everyone!

Last Day of School! Customizable Printable

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