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Keep Showing Up.


A month before she won the 2018 Boston Marathon, runner Des Linden had this to say on Twitter:


“Some days it just flows and I feel like I'm born to do this, other days it feels like I'm trudging through hell. Every day I make the choice to show up and see what I've got, and to try and be better. My advice: Keep showing up.”


If you are a runner, you feel this quote in your bones: you love the sport yet have days when you question why you put yourself through it.


But, this quote translates to SO MUCH of life. There will be easy days, and there will be days so hard you want to give up. But, you've gotta "Keep Showing Up". It WILL be worth it!


Get this for your favorite runner, or keep for yourself.


"Keep Showing Up" quote on both sides, or personalize on one side with your favorite race stats!


Mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.


Keep Showing Up Mug

  • Size: 15 oz. quality ceramic mug, 4.5" high and 3.25" in diameter

    Color: white with blue and yellow-gold text (ahem, Boston Marathon, ahem)

    Standard Option: Graphic on both sides of the mug.

    Personalized Option: Graphic on one side of mug and race stats on reverse side.

    Microwave and dishwasher safe.




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