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Hope. Decency. Science. Truth.


These words were pointedly spoken by Madame Vice President Elect during her acceptance speech in Delaware after the announcement that she and Joe Biden had won the 2020 Presidential election.


These words are basic tenants that everyone should live by, yet have sadly been pushed to the side, or even actively supressed during the last 4 years. 


This stemless wineglass, etched with the words " hope", "decency", "science", and "truth", reminds us to bring these ideals back, one glass of wine (not Covfefe!) at a time! The word "decency" is etched in bold to highlight the need for the return of humanity.



Available as a single glass, or sets of 2 or 4.


These wine glasses are dishwasher safe.


The perfect gift for your favorite supporter of humanity, or keep for yourself!


Hope. Decency. Science. Truth Stemless Wine Glass

  • Size:


    Material: glass, lead free

    Deep etched permanantly engraved - will not rub off compared to painted or decorated imprinting

    Dishwasher safe.




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